Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Day Without Laundry... like a day without sunshine. NOT!!!

Dear Mr. Weatherman,

Please send rain.

Yours truly,

Miss Me (the Laundress)


km said...

I'm just back from Target where I picked up some All (laundry soap) and M asked why 4? Well, I ran out last time and didn't want to make another trip so soon. M: but each of these does 32 loads. Me: Exactly! Each bottle should last 2weeks or maybe a bit longer. Crazy that little ones can dirty so much.

Robin said...


Lisa said...

I finally have my laundry room back to myself with Munchkin and Trouble back in college....I will say prayers for all of you with small ones....teach them to do their own laundry and you will be well rewarded!