Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Meme for Alison

Okay, I'm a sucker... Alison posted a meme yesterday and effectively "tagged" the first seven people to comment. So here goes:

List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
Tag seven people to do the same.

1. I can touch the tip of my nose with the tip of my tongue. Sounds charming, doesn't it?
2. I can fit my entire fist into my mouth. Not both at once, just one at a time...
3. While Alison doesn't iron, I iron my pillowcases and linen tea towels. Cotton ones too if they are really wrinkled. Despite my moaning about laundry, I enjoy ironing. No - I'm not coming over to do your ironing!
4. I love shiny shoes. Patent leather? Metallic? I am SO THERE!
5. I wear jewellery with one notable exception. I will not ever wear a brooch. I like them on other people, but not on me.
6. I wear business attire. That means skirts and heels for mean. That also means proper hoisery... I despise tan, nude, beige hoisery. When I can find it I opt for blush or a creamy sort of colour. It's much closer to my skin tone and doesn't make me feel like I've had some kind of self tanner accident.
7. I can't eat or drink anything that I either know or suspect has raw eggs in it. Homemade eggnog? Not a chance...

Like Alison, if you choose to comment, consider yourself tagged!


Lisa said...

This will help me so much for the birthday swap, don't you think?

Alison said...

My gran used to pull her lower lip up to her nose. Of course, she took out her false teeth first. You don't have false teeth, do you? Just a freakishly long tongue!

When are you going to make it down to Halifax for a Tuesday night KOL again?

Carly (Scavenger Hunt Hostess) said...

Hi There! I saw your comment on Lisa's blog and just wanted to let you know there are only 4 spots left in the Scavenger Hunt if you are interested in joining!

Carly (scavenger hunt hostess) said...

whoops! missed an 's' in that URL. Sorry!

It is: