Monday, January 28, 2008

Things That Didn't Get Done, Things That Did Get Done

This weekend I didn't get to:
- take and upload knitting pictures; or,
- blog, although I did manage to check my e-mail.

This weekend I did get:
- the washing part of the laundry pretty well caught up; and,
- survived Older Sons' 12th Birthday Party. His birthday is tomorrow, but since it was a sleepover, it had to be on a weekend. Seven boys. One 13 year old, one 12 year old (what's a few days?), four 11 year olds and Younger Son, 7.5 years old. I did not take up drinking to survive the event. I was tired enough after preparing homemade pizza and cake, that I left Mr. Me in charge and went to bed around 10pm. That pretty well meant that Younger Son, who can sleep like the dead when tired, and I were the only people to get a decent night's sleep. Older Son and two of the other kids stayed up all night. Care to guess who was just a tad cranky yesterday? Why - yes! You're all so smart! Given the choice between a cranky baby and a cranky 12 year, pass me that baby.

Getting back to me checking my e-mail, I am completely and totally overwhelmed by the number of entries into my contest! 49 discreet entries to date, since I won't be able to tally up all of the links and referrals until the end, now will I? Included in the entries is my very first comment from a family member! A great big "Hi" and "Thanks!" goes out to my niece, Rachael.

And speaking of contests, Tami is having a 100th post contest. Pop on over and say "Hi". Tell her I sent you, okay? I get extra credit for it!


Lisa said...

Still giggling about the crany 12 year old versus the baby.....I think I agree with you on this one.

Congrats on the survial without taking up drinking. Happy Birthday to Older Son! He will officially be a teen.....sorry mom.

Congrats on the comments and the contest. They are quite fun!

km said...

I'm sad that I haven't been able to load photos either. That should be more important than clean underwear, but the rest of the family just doesn't get it =0).

I'm so not looking forward to those overnight parties. Glad you made it through. But, now you have a teenager. Yikes. I'm sure it's enough to make a mom want to lock the teen in his room until his 20th b-day. At least you have your knitting. Sometimes it's the counting of little stitches that keep us sane. `

Deb said...

I started blogging because I was kind f goaded into it- and then I actually liked baring my soul to complete strangers-see I am doing it again! Brandy (Sad Lonely Cradfter) sent me! Congrats!