Friday, May 18, 2007

Spring? Pardon?

It's the "May 2-4" weekend already! I've always thought of the May long weekend as the unofficial start of Summer, but the weather this year has put that seriously into question. On the bright side, the weather forecasters were wrong (I was shocked) about the amount of snow that we received yesterday, but it did snow. Snow in May... That is really kind of depressing. Hopefully the plants that I put in the garden last weekend have survived - hostas and daylilies. I tend to kill most plants so I look for things like "Hardy" on the labels now. I kept trying to convince Mr. Me that we should wait until after the long weekend at least, although the new moon in early June would really be better, but he was insistent that we wouldn't get another frost... WRONG!
Remember the Falling in Love socks? They finally told me who they wanted to belong to! They had been hanging out in The Magic Bag in my "sewing room", along with the other homeless FOs, while I waited for them patiently to tell me where they wanted to go. They met their new owner today and everyone seems to be happy. I truly enjoy giving gifts, but most especially when the gifts are unexpected by the recipients.
I do have some *new* FOs that I should post photos of, but unless the weather brightens up a bit, that may have to wait... And since there are FOs and the Canadian $ is strong, I did a little stash enhancement, but shhhh, Mr. Me just doesn't need to know. Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid and some Panda Cotton for my Sockapalooza 4 downstream pal. Yummy!
On the needles tonight are the Camelot socks. I may get the first one done this weekend after 3 years as a WIP - egads!

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Crafty Canadian said...

Happy May 2-4 Weekend! Try to keep dry! On the plus side, the rain should give your plants lots to drink and give you an excuse to curl up with your WIPs!

Check out the angry little snowman Hubby made on my site.