Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sometimes They Just Don't "Get It"

Since I'm away on business, I don't have anyone saying "What are you doing on the computer again? Didn't you just blog? You spend all of your time on the computer or knitting!" Like that's a problem or something. However, I digress, and besides, it's NOT true! I work full-time and manage to keep the house and kids all in reasonable order.

Getting back to the time on the computer thing, I was reading Lesley's blog the other evening. Now I don't know Lesley. I've never met Lesley. But, I do read her blog fairly frequently. Some of her comments on Knitting Out Loud compelled me to start reading it. As I was doing this the other evening, Mr. Me decided to read over my shoulder. The conversation went like this:

Mr. Me: Is she pregnant?
Miss Me: Not anymore. See? Isn't he cute?!
Mr. Me: But why is she knitting?

This made me realize that Mr. Me had been spoiled with reasonably short and easy labours - 9.5 hours for the first one and I didn't even get him out of be for the first 3.5 hours of it, and 5.5 hours for the second - and that even though we've been together for almost 15 years, he still doesn't really get the knitting stuff all of the time.


Alison said...

The first time I saw self striping yarn it was because my labour and delivery nurse was using it. I went out and bought some for myself, after having The Boy. Mind you, I didn't manage to knit it for about a year after that. I'll always connect self striping sock yarn with being in labour, even though I wasn't actually knitting myself!

Lesley said...

I found this post through my site meter...and I was all hey! That's about me! Too cool.
Yeah, Mr's don't always get it.
And I'm still in shock about how much knitting I got done in labour. I never thought I'd get to the heel, let alone turn it and start the gusset decreases.