Sunday, May 27, 2007

Contest #2 - Final Question - Commonalities

Go visit some blogs for people who are participating in this swap. Find THREE people that you have something in common with - BESIDES the fact that you knit ;) Make a post linking to those 3 blogs, and tell what it is you have in common with the person on that blog!

Laurie C. and I would both say that we are shy, reserved and quiet when we first meet people, but love to speak in front of a group. Just ask my co-workers (poor things!).

Like Shawnee H., I never sneeze just once... Shawnee sneezes in threes. I'm usually a triple sneezer but sometimes more. Never less. And I sound like a cat when I sneeze!

Diamonds or pearls? Channon M. and I are both going to say "Pearls, please..." Although I'll never say "No, thank you" to either!

In reading through the blogs, I found that I have lots of things in common with lots of people. What's interesting about it is that often what we have in common, only I know about because I haven't posted about it, if you're still following me... I've added a few more bookmarks to my "blogs" list.

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