Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Homes

Can you tell that Mr. Me and the sons are out this morning? It's quite refreshing not having to fight for the computer!
All prizes from my contest have successfully found new homes. And all of the winners were so very kind and posted photos on their blogs: Aisling, Angela and Moriah. This was an excellent opportunity to do a little bit of destashing on my part, but thanks to Ravelry, I was able to do some "stalking" so that hopefully this has meant that I've managed to award prizes that are appropriate for the interests of the recipients. Ravelry was particularly helpful in identifying favourite colours, and a cruise through the queues on everyone's profiles gave me an idea as to what they like, or would like, to knit.
Thanks again to everyone who played along with me!


Angela said...

Tag - you're it! I've been tagged on my blog, so I am tagging you to post 7 random things about yourself :o)

CynicalGal said...

here I am...I've been so swamped and your prize from my contest has not been forgotten.