Monday, February 11, 2008


No - we're not talking Spartans. We're talking about a contest over at Days Go By in honour of Nancy's 300th post. It's a very easy contest.
Leave her a contest and there's your entry.
Post it on your blog and there's another.
Have people tell Nancy who sent them and yes - more entries.
And finally, post a knitting tip for a final entry.
Here's my tip: Figure out how the stitches in your project are supposed to look. Do whatever it takes to get them to look that way. This may be more important to me than others, but as a left handed knitter who spent YEARS following instructions to the letter with sometimes bizarre results, when I realized that I didn't have to do exactly what the pattern said it was a very enlightening moment. Yes, sometimes I am "challenged".
And don't forget to tell Nancy I sent you!

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insanknitty said...

Hi Miss me, I wanted to respond to your comment about the 'Autumn Glory' sweater I posted on the Scavenger Hunt blog for hte contest. The pattern... I had to buy it on eBay because it was in a 2004 edition of Cast On knitting magazine. There's a second sweater in that magazine I think, it might have been from the same designer... I can't remember for sure.. called something like 'Seaside'.. absolutely gorgeous... I will one day learn to knit this stranded knitting so I can knit one or both sweaters. wish I could help you more with the pattern... in fact, I'm happy to share it iwht you if you don't mind a photocopy (I could scan it in...and email it...)