Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All About Love - SITMT Contest

Life in general has been interferring with our lovely hostess' ability to keep up with contests for SITMT, so we've got three, count 'em, three contests all posted at the same time for those of us playing along with this swap!!! Being an orderly accounting type (stop laughing - I can hear you!), I will start with Contest 1. Okay - it's the one with the tight deadline...

Contest 1: All About LoveSimple enough post - You will post, on your blog, about a memorable Valentine's day you've had. Could be from when you were a child or now. (5 points) Extra points if you post pictures of anything in red, pink and white, for Valentine's Day. (an extra 5 points) Posts must be made by February 14th.

Since I have some trouble following rules to the letter, I think that I will tell you about my favourite part of Valentine's Day when I was a child. I have two sisters, so every year, my father used to buy Valentine's Day chocolates for all four of his girls, Mom, myself and my sisters. I don't know if it was because of his Scottish heritage, simply because he is Canadian (I understand that we have a reputation for being frugal, too), or because he was on the cutting edge of being environmentally friendly (doubtful), but Dad always recycled the heart shaped chocolate boxes. All of the boxes has originally come from Laura Secord, and each year Dad refilled them with Laura Secord chocolates. Clearly there wasn't much of a surprise or mystery to what we were going to get each year, but it was still a treat and I loved it!
Our boxes were no where near as fancy as the current one above... Isn't it pretty?

For those of you who don't know who Laura Secord was, you can read more here. Briefly, she was a Canadian herione of the War of 1812.


Lisa said...

Lovely box and lovely story. Accounting type indeed.....I've already broken all the rules. i posted number two first and then number three...I am trying to get number one gathered up to post tonight after homework.....does this also mean that you made it home safe?

km said...

Life is getting in the way of me posting at all lately. I know I'll never host a swap...I am not the accounting type and I couldn't keep track of the partisipants let alone all the extra contests.

It's funny how 'recycling' was considered frugal back then and now ego-hip.

wildflower38 said...

Your dad's wondeful!

Tamiknits said...

That is such a sweet story!