Sunday, June 22, 2008

WWKIP Day - The Recap

I know that this is a little bit late, but better late than never, right?
BIG FUN was had at WWKIP day in Fredericton! Eight of us took a ride on the city bus and did a little bit of knitting and chatting during the ride. Granted we seemed to scare one young man, but for us that was just part of the fun! (He tried to shrink as far as possible into his seat and turned up his music very loud... It's not easy being surrounded by scary women with pointed sticks and string apparently.) Then we sat around and knit in the gorgeous sunshine, and since there was a sale going on, I was kind enough to relieve Trish of some of her inventory. Aren't I selfless? (I haven't taken photos of it but I bought enough for 5 pairs of socks, a sweater for me and a baby sweater. Just for good measure, I also bought a new pattern book from Patons...)
But perhaps the highlight of the event was that I won the scavenger hunt!!! I won a Needful Yarns kit to make the Sally Melville Classic Blouse pictured below.

How's that for a GREAT PRIZE?
Thanks to Trish, CanKNITian and the other organizers for putting on such a great event. In addition to the knitting, they also collected donations for the Community Kitchen which is a very worthy cause. Fortunately knitters tend to be generous and realize that not everyone is a lucky as we are.
I won't bore you with all of my photos, but here's a sample.


Robin said...

WOW...a scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun!! Congratulations on your win! I love that pattern!!

km said...

What a fun KIP day. Our kids happened to be away that day and M & I painted the hall. That's been 4 years in the waiting, so I'll have to KIP next year. That's a wonderful prize!

Melissa said...

I think that man was really terrified! Especially when I started petting the knit picks!