Thursday, June 5, 2008

No Yarn

But I did get myself a fabulous new Simon Chang suit!!! One of my staff was a little shocked at the price, but it was on sale... It's a navy skirt suit. I'll wear it for years. I'm quite certain that it will be less than a dollar a wearing by the time that all is said and done...
Even though I didn't make it yarn shopping, big thanks go out to all of you would be enablers, but most especially Betseydoodle (hey - Betsey, leave me a link and I'll connect you) who left suggestions. They have been noted and we all know that any self respecting Canadian Federal Civil Servant should travel to Ottawa at least occassionally, right?
And speaking of yarn, what's everyone doing for World Wide Knit in Public Day? June 14th if it isn't on your calendar. My LYS is having a Scavenger Hunt! How fun is that? My knitting and I will be on a walking and driving tour over the next week or so, having our photos taken. For any out of towners, Freddy the Little Nude Dude isn't nearly as bad as he sounds...!


betseydoodle said...

Hey there!
Too bad about the Yarn time you're up - let me know, and we can plan a wee yarn crawl!

P.S - I grew up in Fredericton!

Sorry for not putting a link - the spammers are just not fun anymore!

You can reach me by putting me@ "name above" .ca.

Ravelry is same name!

km said...

That $1 per wearing is how I shop. When you're finding something classic, like a suit, and quality too...that's the only way to go.

WWKIP day is Father's Day here in the US. I'm not sure how to explain that one to M.

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

$1 per wearing is a great rule of thumb...

Sounds like you have been BUSY!!

Robin said...

Oh...a scavenger hunt sounds like a lot of fun! Our local group is just getting together at our local duck pond. Maybe next year I'll get more creative with it!