Sunday, June 22, 2008

See? I Have Been Knitting!

So I feel like I have been very absent recently... I have been knitting, although I haven't been good about either blogging or keeping up with some of my favourite blogs, so if some of you find me commenting on old posts, it's just that I'm getting caught up, although I may just try to get caught up without commenting. Let's hope that I don't miss anything crucial in anyone's life! Since the kids are away for the next 3 WEEKS I hope to be around more over the next little while. I love my kids, but I appreciate them more after they haven't been around for a while.
Yesterday I went to a baby shower. It was for a second baby so I wasn't quite sure of what would be a good gift, but you can't go wrong with a handknit sweater can you? Last weekend during my LYS' WWKIP sale I bought a couple of balls of Marble to knit this very sweet top down cardigan. I started it last Saturday and it was good to go by Thursday evening. How's that for instant gratification? Since I don't have any babies around, I recruited Older Son's teddy bear, Big Bear, as a model. Didn't he do a fabulous job?

And after the baby shower, I meet up with some girlfriends for supper. This is something that almost never happens, so I thought that it was an excellent opportunity to bring out my SoTSii stole. This has been finished (and blocked) for ages, but I haven't had the chance to either wear or photograph it.
Big thanks to special guest photographer, Older Son.


km said...

Super cute baby sweater. And I LOVE the SoTSii stole. I know the feeling of hardly ever getting out with the girlfriends for dinner. But, when it happens, it's SOOO worth it.

sharon said...

sweater and sotsii arghh. I still haven't finished the first one. fabulous kit you won one on the next post too

Nautical Knitter said...

Fabulous work on the stole! Congratulations!