Saturday, May 19, 2012

It Isn't Knit and It Isn't Quite an "FO", But...

My new "second bathroom"!  The photo was taken at our carpenter's place, but since then it has been delivered and "installed".  It still needs to be stained on the outside and painted on the inside, and I need to make it some curtains, but isn't it CUTE???
Yes, I am strangely excited to be the proud owner of a new outhouse.  But we live in the country and we have lots of land...  And more importantly, we are on a well and septic.  That means that if the power goes out for an extended period of time, we don't have water, which means that you can't use the flush toilet.    During the aftermath of Hurrican Irene, when Mr. Me was without power for more than 48 hours, he determined that an outhouse would be a DEFINITE plus.  No - we didn't get much rain or anything here, but the winds and such did knock out the power for quite some time and basically created havoc.
Where were the boys and I during this adventure?  Well, we were returning from my parents 50th anniversary celebration in Ontario with Princess Knitsalot and had not so brilliantly, and quite unwittingly, driven straight into the disaster area that was Rutland County, Vermont...  But that is another story.
And big thanks and a shout out to Ariel, who has also shown me very kindly, that she is still out there and reading when I post.  Thanks ladies, you're GREAT!


Kristyn said...

The 12 year old boy in me loves this!

gingerini said...

It IS cute! Nice lintel and roof too. Was it difficult to chose a site, as in not too close to the house, but then not too far away either...did you test the trip duration on a chilly night? :>)