Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ask Me a ? - An Answer

This contest might not be too hard to keep track of if it doesn't pick up significantly! So far, I have 3 questions, which I'm going to try to answer in the same order that they were asked.
Here is Sharon's question: If I were to take a vacation to Halifax - how far are you from there?
Maybe I'll start by telling you a little bit about Sharon - she was a downstream swap partner of mine! I had a great time shopping for her and her 2 beautiful daughters, too. As a single working Mom to 2 growing girls, she hasn't been blogging recently. I miss reading her posts, but completely get that life sometimes gets in the way of doing fun things. Like me, Sharon is Canadian and is a federal civil servant...
So - who's planning a trip to Halifax? Anyone??? When are you coming???
By car, I am approximately 4 hours away from Halifax. That is much shorter than what it was when I first moved to the Maritimes. At that time, it was probably almost double that long. Way back then, the Trans Canada Highway, was a two lane highway through the Maritime provinces. It is now a four lane divided highway the whole way from Fredericton to Halifax.
If you let me know when you're coming, I could even come down to Halifax to meet you. I went to school at Dalhousie University, and still know the city pretty well. We could go to Tangled Skeins - I can't find a website and really hope that they're still around... Catch the ferry across the harbour... Go shopping at The Loop... Wander along the waterfront or up Citadel Hill... Maybe check out Point Pleasant Park? Eventually heading to the Hydrostone Market and LK Yarns and maybe a bite to eat at one of the restaurants?
What's that? You want to come to New Brunswick? Hmmm... That is going to take a little more planning since we want to do fibre stuff, right? I'll get thinking about this and give this question a 2 part answer.


sharon said...

You are the sweetest!!!!
And I finally remembered my blog info, so maybe I will blog again.
I would like to take a trip and Halifax is a wee bit closer than Vancouver (my sis in Vancouver and uncle in Halifax)
It is all about the people - not allowed any more fiber anyways!

Channon said...

What fun! I wanna' come visit... but don't hold your breath. That's not a day trip, is it? Hrmph...

Alison said...

Tangles Skeins is still there, it has never had a website. Not sure why! Plan your trip to include a Tuesday night, and come to KOL. We have a new waterfront location now!