Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Ribs Come Marching 2 by 2

My children have become very picky about their socks. I blame myself. Older Son always had an issue with the seams on the toes of "store bought" socks, but his complaints about "bought" socks have multiplied since the introduction of "Mom made" socks to his footwear wardrobe.
Our kids started back to school on September 2nd, right after Labour Day, and since every new school year means new clothes, that must mean new socks, too... Right?
Older Son has scored 2 new pair of 2 by 2 rib socks this year. Why 2 by 2 rib? Because they're snug but not too tight nor too loose and they stay up...
I think that I may have created a MONSTER!!!

(No - he doesn't have 4 feet and no, a second model was not used. If you're going to goof around and put your socks on your hands, your Mom is going to make you let her take a picture of it so that she can show both pairs at once.)


km said...

I was staring at the photo...I did figure it out before I got to the small print though. =0)

Cycling Knitter said...

nice socks, suitable for monsters!!
my monsters would love them too!!
tagged you in an award, go check out my page..

debbie bliss mag came, knitting from it already!

Alison said...

I was going to say that looked like an awful lot of left feet!