Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Intellectual Property

Since I am a working Mom of two kids who travels 75km each way to and from work every day, I cherish my Saturday evenings at home just past the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately for me, Saturday evenings are often spent ironing. Fortunately, I have the company of Randy Bachman and his show Vinyl Tap on CBC Radio One. Mr. Me still misses Danny Finkelman, so I can pretty well count on some peace and quiet... This past week, his show was Part 1 of Girl's Names. He is doing the list alphabetically, with Part 2 this coming weekend.
One of the interesting things that I learned from this show is that you cannot copyright a song title! As examples he gave the title "Jane" and "Gloria". Hmmm... Makes sense and very interesting! (Okay - I'll admit it, I LOVE trivia.)

Then before bed I thought that I would check out bloglines and see what was going on. I came across these entries over at Shut Up, I'm Counting. I'll admit that I arrived at the "Move along - nothing to see here" point, so I never saw the since removed post on the other blog, but in light of the show that I had just listened to, I found it rather interesting. I mean - can someone "own" a commonly used phrase? Do we all need to be that mindful of every small thing that we write or say?

And perhaps more importantly to me: Do you think I need to be worried Leonard Cohen might realize what the inspiration for my blog title was and threaten me with legal action??? Dance... Knit... Love... Time... C'mon - work with me here...

What do you mean that Mr. Cohen has never heard of me and he probably doesn't knit?


sharon said...

you slay me my friend!!!
ahh intellectual property and the debates we could have about that. I love Shut UP I'm Counting, and have used variations of that a number of times. should I trademark Red?

km said...

Hmmm. Didn't know about your title. But, enjoyed the link. =0)