Friday, January 26, 2007

It's Late... It's COLD!!!

Just sitting here at the computer while I half watch television - Law & Order tonight. I'm a HUGE fan of crime TV shows. I love all of the Law & Order family, but I am especially taken with Criminal Minds these days. I really liked the episode this week - "The Bogeyman". "Why?" you ask. Tech-guru-genius girl, Penelope Garcia, whose personal style and wardrobe I have always lusted after, was knitting! Wow!!! Sorry all, but I am convinced that most of us knitters are really geeks... But then again, geeks are typically very bright and interesting people (excuse while I admire myself).

In the midst of all of the usual weekend things, I hope to be able to finish my Sock Bag Swap package. I need to get it in the mail early next week. I was doing just fine, until I discovered that my well mapped out plan wasn't so well thought out... Oh well - Plan B has been developed and is almost complete!

Stay warm, and just knit faster if you start to get cold.

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canknitian said...

I LOVE Criminal Minds! Garcia knitting was awesome! I love everything about her, esp the way she talks to Shemar Moore on the phone. :)

Reid is my favourite, though. They should have Reid hold her yarn for her sometime and say something obscure but brilliant about knitting through the ages, n'est-ce-pas? ;)