Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hey - Where Did January Go?

Hard to believe that the first month of 2007 is almost over! Yikes - doesn't time move quickly? On the knitting front, I put my Sock Bag Swap parcel into the mail today. I actually met the mailing deadline! I'm working away on socks for younger son this evening. I needed something mindless, although I may switch to something more complex once the guys have gone to bed. It's so much easier to knit without trying to answer questions that relate to things that I have never ever thought about... Oh the workings of a little boy's mind!

Has anyone else noticed that a surprising number of knitters' blogs include cats? There must be some strange connection there... Here is my newest furry buddy.

You can just tell that he has "attitude" can't you? It's a good thing he is so cute - it is the only excuse that gets him off the hook for bad behvaviour!

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