Monday, July 16, 2012

Because Knitting Is Offensive...?

So did anyone miss the kerfuffle about the woman knitting at Wimbledon?  Who would how thought that something so simple, not to mention quiet, could cause such a fuss?!
Well - to be honest, I had a slight inkling as to the offensiveness of knitting.  The fact that I sometimes knitting during meetings was brought up at my annual performance review...  Now don't think that I knit through every meeting.  I may knit through internal team meetings, but rarely larger internal meetings, and definitely not during external meetings.  However, it now turns out that my knitting is SO OFFENSIVE that even knitting during meeting breaks where external people are present is no longer acceptable.  Pardon???  What surprises me is that it remains completely acceptable to have side conversations, to Blackberry, etc. during the meetings, and there is no way that anyone would EVER tell someone not to smoke during a meeting break.  Under the new world order, all of these things are more acceptable than my offensive knitting practices.  Who knew the power of knitting to disturb others?  Oh - the power...!

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Kristyn said...

Yeah it is pretty ridiculous if you ask me.