Sunday, November 27, 2011

(Almost) Instant Gratification

With everything going on at work these days, and sometimes feeling overwhelmed at home, too - it isn't easy being a wife, mother and employee all at the same time - I felt the need to accomplish something recently.  Start to finish.  Period.  Where did I turn?  To my knitting, of course!  Specifically, a baby sweater.  It had no intended recipient, I just needed something that I could start and complete and be satisfied with the product.  Isn't it cute???
I took it to my knitting group for "Show'n'Tell" at our last meeting.  The next day I received an e-mail from one of our beginner knitters asking if I would sell it.  Her great-niece had just had a baby girl.  SOLD!!!  She was pleased to be able to give a handknit sweater.  I was pleased that the sweater had found itself a good home.  Handknitting won't make you rich, but if you can cover the cost of your yarn, it is all good. 
The yarn is SMC Baby Wool in Light Pink.  The pattern is Bolero A.  It is a nice washable wool - although dry flat - that is a good price point, with great colours.  I really enjoyed knitting this little sweater.

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Anonymous said...

Love it. I thought it was a new sweater for you at first!