Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dear Thursday

Dear Thursday,
Why do you dislike me so much? I always thought that Monday was supposed to be the mean day, but so often Monday has been much kinder to me than you are.
Today you seem to be particularly irritated by me and true to form, you're making sure that I know about it. It started with that little bump in the driveway this morning... I am glad that the insurance on the corporate credit card is good, but the "Momobile" will likely be let bearing another mark of honour and service. My nerves are worn a little bit thinner, too.
And then there was that whole meeting debacle this morning... I would have been much happier if we had left the meeting last Friday as originally scheduled, but I didn't have the final say. I suppose that I should thank you for not making it a total washout but it didn't help my stress levels at all!
Since they always say that things come in threes, I must admit that I am feeling quite anxious right about now. Whatever I did - I am SORRY. Okay?
Please just let me have a quiet evening and I promise to work on our relationship harder.
Yours truly,
Miss Me

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things That Irritate Me

I will admit that I'm probably feeling a little crankier than usual. Mr. Me has been very busy recently and it is having a negative impact on my social knitting. I DID NOT get to go to Yarns on York on Saturday to sit outside, enjoy the sunshine and good company and KIP. He had told me that he didn't have to be at his engagement until noon. He left at 9am and re-appeared approximately 13 hours later. No knitting for me.
To make things worse, tomorrow evening is my monthly knit night. Am I going? No! Why? He is in Toronto attending business meetings. He had originally told me that he would be home before suppertime so that I could go, but in reality he doesn't even land until around 8pm. He did have the presence of mind not to tell me this until after he had landed in Toronto, thus short circuiting me having to explain to his boss that he wasn't attending the meetings because he had been garroted with a circular needle. I have no issues with having his own interests or a job, but couldn't he please schedule them around my knitting schedule?
In case you're thinking that it is just my husband that is irritating me, it isn't. What is with that Ford F-150 ad about hauling yarn? I've tried to find the ad online with no luck, but if you haven't seen it, suffice it to say that the tone towards hauling yarn in their truck is disparaging. I had initially figured that it was an misread of a focus group and would soon be pulled, but weeks later it is still on the air! For the sake of Ford, they had better hope that there isn't a strong correlation between contractors and spouses that knit. Just think of all the yarn you could buy with the ~ $25K (or more) that you would spend on a truck... Mmmm.... Heaven!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tommorow's WWKIP Day!

Tomorrow is WWKIP day! How exciting is that? And I'm pleased to say that there are indeed events going on in New Brunswick showing on the WWKIP site. Although thank you to everyone who let me know about things that I wasn't aware of. If I was in Moncton, I would definitely be going to this event, and of course, if I was in Halifax, I would be going to this one. Based on what they had in the way of prizes last year, I am quite certain that Leslie is not exaggerating the loveliness of the prizes that she and her partner have amassed. And check out their way cool knitting lobster logo. But, since Mr. Me has plans this weekend that (quite thankfully) don't include the kids and I, you may find me closer to home at this event. CanKNITian appeared baffled that I hadn't caught wind of it on Ravelry, but I have a confession to make: I don't spend nearly as much time in my groups as I do elsewhere. I'm usually much to busy Rav-stalking both friends and random others... Yes - I LOVE to oogle others' knitting. Does that make me a voyeur?
Here's hoping that the weather is good for outdoor knitting tomorrow. Maybe this year I'll remember my sunscreen.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

WWKIP Day 2009

I was really interested to see that WWKIP Day this year isn't really a day, but a weekend! Whoo-hoo!!! Very exciting.
Less exciting is the fact that there are no WWKIP Day events listed for New Brunswick. Considering all of the other things that are going on around here that weekend, I don't feel that I could adequately plan an event myself, but I do think that a day of public knitting will be in order. It may be in Fredericton and include a visit to my LYS, or it may just include knitting around my village and scaring the locals. (As if I could...!)
What do you have planned for WWKIP Day?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Have you ever had one of those completely and totally soul sucking days or weeks? Well, I'm there this week. Mr. Me is very busy this week, which is of course, the cosmic cue for absolutely anything and everything that can go wrong to do so. Nothing really major has happened, it is just one of those accumulation things. Top it off with the ever increasing list of things that my family doesn't like and I'm tempted to knit myself a nice wrap around sweater with extra long sleeves that tie in the back. Anyone got a good straight jacket pattern?
Younger Son does not like pasta, orange juice, peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter granola bars, Daily Planet, his brother or anything his brother does like unless it involves the XBox 360...
Older Son does not like any vegetables aside from potatoes and raw carrots, toast, fish, his brother or anything his borther does like unless it involes the XBox 360...
Tiger the Cat doesn't like me, or else he has a really bad way of showing he does. Bites that result in blood is not my idea of love.
Mr. Me doesn't like it when I park beside his car on the lawn so he can back out, or when I park behind his car to keep off the lawn, pineapple, peas, cherries, clutter and so many, many other things that I won't mention for fear of endangering his life.
Me? Right now I'm not liking the XBox 360 much... And I've never liked raw mushrooms, but as the cook, I figure that not having those around is my perogative. I also got completely and totally fedup with comment moderation on Blogger, so I've turned it off.
Oh - but I still LOVE my knitting and think that I should spend some good quality time with some yarn. Happy knitting everyone!