Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Dog Post

Tiger is in the cellar hunting right now, so I can do this without fear of my toes being assaulted by a set of very sharp cat teeth. We are a cat's household and I'm sure that he would feel betrayed by a dog post... No - we aren't getting a dog. Tiger would never allow that, and he has Mr. Me's full support. Me - I could be convinced, although I'm still not sure that I could handle housebreaking a puppy.
Right before Christmas a couple I know had to make the decision to help not just one, but both, of their dogs make the journey across the rainbow bridge. It was a very sad time for them. They still had 3 cats, so they weren't left completely without companion animals, but it just wasn't the same without a dog. There seemed to be only one solution to this problem: adopt a new puppy! And look - she has her own puppy blog - how cute is that?
On a more serious note, I didn't realize that many of the shelters in the Southern states have no option but to euthanize many of their animals because there are so many of them. This little girl is lucky enough to get to make the trip north to Canada to be adopted, but for me it helps to bring home the importance of parenting our animals well.
Not quite Dogs on Thursday, but probably the closest I'll ever get!


Lisa said...

I know exactly how Tiger feels! Sassy and Eraser would be most unhappy. And yes, there are so many animals here to be adopted that they do adopt two for the cost of one alot....

Channon said...

Thank you, Tiger for allowing that post... There's nothing like a new puppy!