Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Les Moutons

Anyone who knows me knows that I love sock yarn and I love a contest...  Hello - sheep!  Enter Biscotte & Cie...  My LYS has recently started to carry their yarn.  And waiting in the wings were the sheep.  Now I was going to knit the sheep anyways, but when I realized that there was a contest, they jumped to the top of my queue. 
My original intention was to make "Les Moutons dans les Champs en Rose" (The Sheep in the Pink Fields), but that didn't really work.  If you look at the swatch, there are actually 4 repeats of the sheep.  The first is with the sheep in Hallucination, with the field in the rosy colour.  The second is the reverse.  My reaction to both of them?  Meh...  Not enough contrast.  In the meantime, before the discovery of the loverly sheep pattern, I had picked up a skein of Lagon...  I thought that I would have some subtlely variegated blue socks.  But then the Lagon and the Hallucination started snuggling in my tote bag.  They seemed to like each other...  I thought that I would try the pattern with the blue rather than the rose.  It is official - "Les Moutons dans le Mer" (The Sheep in the Sea) have been born!  Ilike the blue sheep on the hallucinagenic fields, but I prefer the hallucinating sheep floating in the sea...
Comments?  And yes - I will be encouraging everyone to vote when the time comes.

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Kristyn said...

I have wanted to try color work but I have been a big chicken.