Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wool Share

Do you ever just happen across something that is really interesting or intriguing? Back in December I came across a link somewhere (I don't even remember where) for the Stoddard Family Farm in Little Britain, Ontario - not to be confused with Little Britain (*warning - do not click on the preceding link if you are offended by politically incorrect humour). Considering that Mr. Me and I live on part of the land that was original granted to his family when they came from Donegal, Ireland in 1820, I found the story of the farm quite charming, and in an era when I think most of us are trying to be at least a little bit more responsible with our planet, I really like what they are doing.
I wish I was closer so that I could purchase meat and egg shares - but they would spoil in the shipping. However, one of the many beauties of wool is that it doesn't spoil. Yes, I bought a wool share! My first skein arrived last week. The colourway is called "Fire". I am away on business again and don't have either the yarn or the camera with me, but I will try to post a picture of it later. I'm not a huge fan of orange, but the colour truly does remind me of a campfire - and I love a good campfire... Now - what shall I make?

P.S. Once I sort that out and make it, can you all head over to Facebook and "Like" it for me? There could be another wool share in it for me.

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Channon said...

How cool is that?! Have fun with your wool share.