Monday, December 28, 2009

Let It Snow!

This gentleman greeted me in the yarn when I got home from work on Wednesday last week. It was a perfect snowman day last Wednesday... Unfortunately it has stayed warm so Mr. Snowman has deteriorated, but the picture commemorates his brief existence nicely.
Next post marks 300 for me. Perhaps I should do something special?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Have You Ever Got a Whale in the Mail?

I know that that sounds both unlikely and rather like a possible title for a Dr. Seuss book, but that is exactly what I got in the mail on Monday! Not an Orca like Shamu or a White Sperm Whale like Moby Dick, but a way cute little purple whale swimming in a sea of flowers. He is the sweetest little bag - perfect for knitting notions - from Piddleloop. I won him in Chan's Blessings contest.
(I borrowed the photo from the Piddleloop blog. I hope they don't mind. Their Etsy shop is here...)

Chan is always a good read. Her fur girls are adorable but what I enjoy most is that her life is very real. Perhaps I just have issues, but some overachieving bloggers make me feel (clearly not intentional - like I said, my issues) inadequate. Don't get me wrong - Chan's life is busy - but it is balanced... I like that.