Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rest in Peace Old Computer

For a while now our old home computer had been feeling "ill". Last Friday night it did the computer equivalent of gasping for breath and whispering in a weak and tragic voice "I just can't go on any longer..." Then it died. It was only 4 years old, but that is about a bazillion in computer years it would seem. The guy at the computer store on Saturday was impressed that it had lasted so long. (Please no comments about the brief mourning period. I know that I'm crass.)
I will miss the old computer. I miss its keyboard already. The new one is flatter and smaller... I miss my bookmarks. We didn't even have time to try and export them anywhere. However, between a "well" computer and the completion of Fiscal Year End 08-09, I hope that I will get to spend a little more time blogging. I've been missing it!
Oh - and for those of you who have asked about details on my pink hoodie, try this Ravelry link. I still can't figure out where I put the pattern book. Somewher safe, I'm sure.