Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Letter From Tiger

Dear Knitters,
As you may have realized, Miss Me has been busy these last few weeks. What with work, Mr. Me travelling, house guests, Christmas shopping, Black Friday shopping and then life in general, she just hasn't had time to do much blogging. Now understand that I don't really care about the blogging bit - it's not usually about me and as a cat and ruler of the Chez Me household, it really should be all about me. She has still been doing some knitting, and I may let her post about it later, but more importantly, she has been keeping me warm and fed, but last night was just about enough to push this poor patient cat over the edge!!!
Without any consultation, my staff allowed 100 people to tour my home. Something about charity.... Strangers!!! Human strangers!!! 100 of them!!! They know that I have stranger and anxiety issues. I had to hiss at them. And try to bite Mr. Me. They sent me to the cellar for the evening, but that was the only plus to it - that's where the hunting is good...
It may take me weeks to get over this. I'm taking to my handknit and felted cat bed in the sun for a nap now.
Much love,

P.S. Do the other knitters let their cats play with the yarn? Or is it just my people who are unreasonable???


sharon said...

Well, I am happy to report that we are not near as crazy as all that. Keep up the holiday cheer Tiger and yes most people do not let cats play with their yarn.

Cycling Knitter said...

Hey tigger
Kingley here, now I might be a dog, but I know where you are coming from!!
When My household have guests over I get sent to my room!!

Channon said...

Tiger, 100 STRANGERS touring your abode is unsettling, no?

I don't have kitties, but our dogs like yarn and are NOT allowed to play with it.

Lisa said...

Sassy and Eraser checking in. We both believe that 100 "guests" is pushing you limits too the extreme. We say that you should get some fresh tuna or salmon as a reward. And, you should be entitled to a ball of "luxury" yarn for your troubles. Keep up the kingdom and please keep us duly informed!