Monday, August 18, 2008

SoTS iii - Hint #1 Completed

These photos make the yarn look much more purple than it really is! And you can barely see the beads... I opted for the copper lined crystal beads in the end. I had been leaning towards the gold lined amethyst but looking at the swatch in natural light, they just didn't add anything other than weight.
I finished the first hint on Saturday evening and was initially worried that my cast on was too tight, but then I compared it to my wet blocked swatch and breathed a sigh of relief. I think that it will be just fine.
One of the challenges of living towards the top of the world is that our days are already getting noticably shorter. I think the colour is off because of the flash, but my other issue is finding something that contrasts on which to snap a picture of my knitting... I seem to have lots of dark-ish upholstery - except the antique fainting couch that I used this time. Don't tell Mr. Me I put pins into the antiques, okay?


Cycling Knitter said...

hey nice hint 1, still working through mine up to row 27 now!!
loving the colour of yours,

how could you stab the antiques!!!

Nautical Knitter said...

Your hint #1 looks fab! Taken out of context, "stabbing a fainting couch" sounds kind of funny...LOL

Channon said...

Oh, I want to cast on! Maybe I will tonight, after Sissy's class... In these photos, your yarn appears about the same color as mine.

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Pretty! Wow.