Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gromit Holds His Yarn Differently...

Question, as asked by Older Son: Why does Gromit hold his yarn differently?
Answer: I don't know...

Yes, we've spent part of this afternoon watching Wallace and Gromit. I'm always surprised by what kids notice, like how Gromit holds his yarn. I *think* that much of the difference is explained by me being a southpaw and Gromit being right handed (a northpaw perhaps?).

The Falling in Love Socks won... I have one sock completed, although I knit the heel probably 4 times! First I tried the short row heel, but it would have been WAY TOO narrow to be able to get my foot into... So I decided that I'd go back and do the gusset heel - a much better choice in my opinion. Coming back to the left handed biz, I had a few issues with the placement of increases and with the heel flap and it took a few tries to get it right.

Now you might be able to tell that I'm having a few technical challenges with Blogger today... So I think that I'll pack it in for now. Happy knitting and stay warm!

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Alison said...

Yes, The Boy noticed, while watching Wallace and Gromit, that Gromit holds his yarn the same way I do. It had never occurred to me to look at how Gromit holds his yarn, since we all know that Gromit isn't really knitting. I love the different perspective that The Boy gives me on things.